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I went trekking in Nepal & Tibet with a group of friends. We spent some time trekking the Helambu trail in Nepal before we flew to Lhasa. Our plan was to drive from Lhasa back to Kathmandu & on the way spend 10 days trekking to base camp on the Tibetan side of Mt Everest - real name Qomolangma - Tibetan for Goddess Mother of the Universe.
I never made it, I was struck down with altitude sickness in a little place called Tingri half way between Lhasa & Kathmandu. Blinding headaches, nausea & a disturbing disorientation was cause to get me back to Kathmandu asap. Most of these images were taken in the throes of altitude sickness, i was just in denial....
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Peter Runting(non-registered)
Tracy Seymour, these photos are absolutely gorgeous. Each one is better than the last. I am just gob smacked. Well done clever girl. WOW!!!
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