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Frankie's story
Our beautiful, gentle old greyhound, Trinity, crossed the rainbow bridge in July 2012. We were heartbroken, desperately missing her love & cuddles but quickly decided that we needed to give another hound a beautiful life as soon as possible. Enter Francesca Louella, aka Frankie, a 3 year old hound from what is now Amazing Greys - rescued from a pound the morning she was due to be PTS. On our first meet & greet she walked into our house, raced down the hall & gave us the biggest smooch ever. For Frankie we were the chosen ones, she decided in those first few seconds that life with us would be perfect. Remarkably for a dog that was trained, raced, discarded and deemed not worthy of life she has come out the other end unscathed - she is a happy, relaxed & very funny hound. Frankie is super affectionate, loves people & other dogs of all shapes & sizes, she is happiest with a house full of human & furry visitors that she can show off her comedy routines to. Frankie, you & your soulful, liquid golden eyes were meant to be in our life, thanks for choosing us, we love you xx

Mr Toby's story
Mr Toby was rescued by Amazing Greys in December 2012, he was fostered out with a family but unfortunately it didn't work out. Over the next 4 months he was short term fostered with a number of people but finding his forever home was proving elusive. Mr Toby is large, male & black - criteria which for some unfathomable reason is not popular with people seeking to adopt a hound. Mr Toby found his way to us in May 2013 as a foster hound, he was a very serious dog who just didn't look like he enjoyed life. He had a rough woolly coat, a voracious appetite & no interest in playing or interacting with us. There were some reasons for this - at his trainer's place Mr Toby had no kennel, he was kept in a trailer in a small space with barely enough room to turn around in & little interaction - a very lonely unloved boy. At 2 years of age he was deemed too slow to race & discarded. We set about changing his life with the help of Frankie, gradually his gorgeous personality started to shine, along with his beautiful black coat. He started playing with soft toys when he could sneak them off bossy boots, enjoying chasey in the backyard & loving cuddles in bed. After a few months we knew we had fallen deeply in love with Mr Toby & he wasn't going anywhere. We officially adopted him in September 2013 & whispered in his ear "Mr Toby you are home". I swear I heard him sigh. You are a special soul Mr Toby we love you deeply xx
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